DATE: February 13, 2017
TIME: 7:00 pm
LOCATION: The Wild Project
Poetic License 2017: RESISTANCE February 13, 2017

The sixth annual Poetic License festival was presented February 13-19, 2017 at the Wild Project (195 E 3rd St).

Poetic License 2017: Resistance Festival Schedule:








Monday, February 13, 7pm: The 5th Annual Generation Now!

Poetic Theater Productions’ 5th Annual Generation Now! event features youth created poetic theater.  Generation Now 2017 features Girl Be Heard, viBe Theater Experience, Truthworker Theatre Company, EarSay Youth Voices, and Urban Word NYC’s Khalin Vasquez.

Hosted by Samantha Cooper.







Tuesday, February 14, 8pm: Love, Redefined: RESIST

Poetic Theater Productions’ 7th annual celebration of non-commercial, non-traditional love featuring poetic and theatrical remixes, re-imaginings and riffs by more than ten incredible poets and playwrights responding to traditional sonnets and love poems. Inspiration poems and newly developed pieces are presented side-by-side. This year’s theme of Love, Redefined: RESIST asks how we can look at art and love as an act of rebellion.

Featuring new work by Everett Cox, Anna Gothard, Catherine Weingarten, Jacqueline Jones LaMon, Kate Foster, Nicole Goodwin, Tanaya Winder, Ish Islam, Zoë Flowers, Sherri Pullum, Baba Israel, Raquel Almazan, Trace DePass, Mickey Bolmer, and Becca Travis.

Inspiration pieces by Emily Dickinson, Francis Bellamy, Wendy Cope, Adrienne Rich, Martin Luther King Jr., August Wilson, Rumi, Billie Holiday, William Shakespeare, Margaret Atwood, Andrea Gibson, and more.

featuring Everett Cox, Tamara Geisler, Anna Gothard, Kate Foster, Zoë Flowers, Bello Pizzimenti, Samantha Cooper, Dontonio Demarco, Yair Ben-Dor, Tori Ashley Matos, Colista Turner, Adam Wennick, Nicole Goodwin, Ashley August, Yadira de la Riva, Edgar Eguia, Ishmael Islam, Jevon Nicholson, Xandra Clark, Raquel Almazan, Steve Ali, Txai Frota, Morgan Patton, Trace DePass, Gordon Palagi, Maya Carter, Tracy Einstein, Grace Bernardo, Becca Travis, and Jennifer Cendaña Armas








Wednesday, February 15, 8pm: Breaking Our Silence Showcase

The 5th Annual Breaking Our Silence is a celebration of LBGTQ voices sharing their experiences of coming out, finding love, breaking the silence and speaking out.

Featuring original work written by and featuring

Sam LaRocheCharan P. Morris, Rachel Therres, and David Cale

AND Readings of:

Darcy Parker Bruce’s East of the Sun featuring James Arthur M., Tori Ashley Matos and Samantha Cooper

and an excerpt of Rae Binstock’s Watch Me Burn featuring Leslie Lissaint, Maya Carter, and Becca Travis








Thursday, February 16, 7pm: Reading of Underground by Edward McWilliams

A hip hop theater guide to the strangers on the train – the people you know and those you thought you knew. This special reading of Edward McWilliams Underground is presented to mark 10 years since the 2007 New York underground landscape inspired the play.

directed by Rebecca Martinez

Featuring Ryan F. Johnson, Teniece Divya Johnson, Ronnetta Renay, Wade Ray, David Goldberg, Nabil Viñas, Temesgen Tocruray, and Nkosi Nkululeko.

additional poetry by D’Janau Morales, Reynaldo (Bamboo MC) Melendez, David Scott, and Daniel Silber-Baker








Thursday, February 16, 9pm: The 2nd Annual Poetic Lyricism

Artists from Poetic Theater Productions and The Musical Theatre Factory communities team up to present an evening of new collaborative poetic musical theatre.

hosted by Colista K. Turner & Bello Pizzimenti

Featuring fajjr+ali, Andrew J. Hanley, Mike Toperzer, Jack Fellows, Nilan Johnson, J.D. Reverie, Marcus Scott, Kelechi Ezie, Charles Innis, Aya AzizSam LaRoche, Janet Noh, Toni Blackman, For Feather, Fred Collier, Toni Williams, Lam, Sahir, D-Nasty, Anna Diorio, Ashira and Harvey (Jackson McLaskey, Leslie Monge, Hope Morawa, Jon Pigott, Kelly Robinson, & Lisa Youngs).








Friday, February 17, 8pm: SUBVERTED written and performed by Dominique Fishback

Written and Performed by Dominique Fishback
Directed by Chad Chenail
SUBVERTED portrays the destruction of Black identity as seen through the eyes of Eden, an 18 year-old girl living in any urban city in the USA. Through the colliding viewpoints of 18 friends, family members, and historical figures (all portrayed by actor, writer, and spoken word poet Dominique Fishback) Eden discovers that the promise of “equal opportunity” still, to this day, does not exist. She questions why the people she loves the most continue to live blindly subverted by an unrelenting history that they did not live through, yet inherit and must accept. Eden’s journey will make a difference in our understanding of what true equality actually looks like.








Saturday, February 18, 7pm: Kicking Down Doors: Veterans and their Families in America

Veterans Jenny Pacanowski and Everett Cox curate an evening of poetry, theater and music written by and featuring veterans and their families.

Featuring Hayley Johnson, Corinna Brown, Miriam Acevedo, Jenny PacanowskiEverett Cox, Robert Sliclen, Molly Pearl, Phil Milio, James Edward Becton, Lou Bullock, and Julie Geisler.

Poetic Theater Productions Copyright 2017.