Sam LaRoche

Sam LaRoche is a spoken word poet and rap artist out of Brooklyn. In college Sam was signed to an independent record label in Hartford and began touring the state as their spoken word artist. In 2007 Sam moved to NYC where she began frequenting open mic nights and entering in slam competitions. Sam has toured with Cupid Ain’t @#$%! poetry show over the past four years as well as being the featured poet at different venues and Universities. Still active in the spoken word community, Sam is currently working on her EP album as the follow-up to her mixtape.

With Poetic Theater Productions:

Breaking Our Silence 2014 in Poetic License 2014

Breaking Our Silence 2015 in Poetic License 2015

Breaking Our Silence: Showcase in Poetic License 2016

New York City Poetry Festival


Artist in Judson Arts Wednesdays’ BAILOUT THEATER featuring Poetic Theater Productions


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