Ish Islam

Ish raps, writes, and makes records. A rapper and producer from Brooklyn, New York, Ish’s artist development has led him to have a concert with the Brooklyn Philharmonic, perform in cities such as Los Angeles, California and Johannesburg, South Africa, and serve as the 2012 NYC Youth Poet Laureate. Fresh from graduating with a BA in Music from The City College of New York, Ish’s next endeavors are the completion of a new EP, “aisles” for spring 2018.

Connect with Ish at and on all social media at @rapwritemake.

With Poetic Theater Productions:

Wednesday, Feb 14th, 2018 at 8PM: Love, Redefined: RECLAIM in Poetic License 2018: Reclamation

Previously with Poetic Theater Productions:

Poetry before Goliath, representing Urban Word NYC at the Planet Connections Festivity in 2011

Playwright and performer in Urban Word NYC’s Moments in Words featured in Poetic License 2012

Poet & Performer in Love, Redefined 2012, Love Redefined 2013, Love Redefined 2015, Love Redefined 2017: RESIST.

Poet & Performer in the Encyclopedia Show NYC: Vice Presidents

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