Hayley Johnson

Former Military Police Officer in the United States Navy, Hayley Johnson volunteered to serve in the Gulf War and was stationed in Sasebo, Japan at the age of 19. After her service, she returned as a single injured parent with a sick child stemming from a military birth. In need of better medical care for her daughter, Hayley worked at American Express. Years later, she moved to New York in need of better veteran care for herself and in the process had to leave her family behind. In 2015, Hayley experienced homeless firsthand, living in a shelter after fleeing a domestic violence. In New York, she became a part of Bedlam Outreach, a program designed to help Veterans overcome traumas of war through Shakespeare and acting. Hayley found her voice by using the stage to explore her own personal experiences. She has performed at The Sheen Center, The New Ohio Theatre, The Wild Project, and Interfaith International. At The Lucid Body House she has written for the stage, directed, and performed her own work. Hayley is now moving into film and television, working on the upcoming series “The Neighborhood” created by William DeMeo, about the Brooklyn Mob in the 80’s, and the feature length action film “Bare Knuckle Brawler” starring Martin Kove (“Karate Kid”), created by Peter Passero and directed by Joe Gawalis. Hayley worked with Movie Entertainment to promote the film “Little Boy”. She credits Housing Plus Solutions, Samaritan Village, HERO’s, DECRUIT and The WYCA as integral stepping stones for her success. Hayley’s lifelong mission is to encourage and empower women, including veterans, to let them know that all things are possible, and to never give up in the face of adversity. Hayley is currently working with Victor Film Productions to see this vision come to life.

With Poetic Theater Productions:

Featured Veteran Artist presenting her original work before the September 30th and October 15th performances of Outside Paducah: The Wars At Home and a featured panelist on the Female Veteran post-performance panel on October 15th as part of the Veteran Voices 2017 Series.

Featured Veteran Artist in Kicking Down Doors in Poetic License 2017: Resistance

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