Anna Gothard

Aimage1 (1)nna is a performer, musician, teacher and a half of folk-pop duo, Anna/Kate. Anna has performed widely in music venues and theater festivals in NYC. Anna/Kate’s song-cycles, composed of text and conceptualized folk-pop concerts, were featured in festivals at Culture Project’s Women CenterStage, Dixon Place’s LGBT HOT! Festival, La MaMa’s Poetry Electric, NY Poetry Festival and FIGMENT Festival on Governor’s Island, as well as Poetic Theater Production’s Festivals. Their song-cycles include “How To Stay” (2013), “I Run With You” (2013), and “Fear City/Fun City” (2014). BA in Theatre and Music from Muhlenberg College and Accademia dell’Arte.

With Poetic Theater Productions:

Writer, Musician, Vocalist for How to Stay in Poetic License 2013

Writer, Musician, Vocalist in Love, Redefined 2013

Writer, Musician, Vocalist in Breaking Our Silence 2014 in Poetic License 2014

Developer and Actor in The Refuge Project in Poetic License 2016

Artist in Judson Arts Wednesdays’ BAILOUT THEATER featuring Poetic Theater Productions

Featured Artist in Friday, Feb 16th, 2018 at 9PM: Poetic Lyricism

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