Jenny Pacanowski


Jenny Pacanowski is a poet/combat veteran/facilitator/public speaker/actor/curator.

In the Army while deployed to Iraq, Jenny was a combat medic and provided medical support for convoys with the Marines, Air Force and the Army. She also did shifts in the Navy medical hospital. In Germany, she was part of a medical evacuation company.

Currently, she collaborates with Impact Theatre, Aquila Theatre, Intersections International, One Fight Foundation, CUNY, Ithaca College, Syracuse University, Poetic Theater Productions, Bedlam Outreach, and The Military Resilience Project along with many other organizations. In this past year, Jenny has founded and is the director of FVET; Female Veterans Empowered to Transition which is held at Camel’s Hump Farm in Bethlehem, PA. Most recently, Jenny has performed at the Lincoln Center Atrium, The New York Cultural and Ethical Society, Poetic License: Kicking down Doors, Veterans Special at the Lucid Body House, LaGuardia Community College Veteran Week and Aquila [email protected] GK arts center. She has been published in, “Reflections; Public Rhetoric, Civic Writing and Service Learning,” “Journal of Military Behavioral Health,” “The Indypendent, online magazine,” “The I’mpossible Project,” and multiple poetry anthologies. As a veteran herself, Jenny’s goal is to help veterans and civilians by healing the wounds of war and military culture through the arts.  Jenny hopes by creating smoother reintegration programs; it will facilitate lowering the suicide, homelessness and addiction epidemics that plague our veterans.  Jenny’s Female Veterans Empowered to Transition is on Facebook at She is on Twitter @jennyfootsteps.

With Poetic Theater Productions:

Associate Producer: Veteran Artist Curator & Presenting Artist for Outside Paducah: The Wars & Home & Veteran Voices 2017, performing as a part of the Veteran Voices 2017 Kickoff Event on Friday, September 29th and on Sunday, October 15th and as a featured panelist on the Sunday, October 15th Female Veteran Panel.

Poetry presented before GOLIATH at the Wild Project and at Culture Project’s IMPACT Festival

Poet and Performer in From Table to Stage in Poetic License 2013

Playwright for Ideals At War: Love in Poetic License 2014: Shades of Love

Playwright in Conscious Language 2014

Poet/Playwright for the Emotional Competency in Policing Pilot Project presented in Conscious Language 2015

Poet for Love, Redefined 2015 and 2016

Curator and Performer for Kicking Down Doors: Veterans & Their Families in America in Poetic License 2016 and Poetic License 2017

Curator for Poetic License 2016: A Kind of Now

Artist in The Artist Co-Op Pop Up

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