DATE: March 25, 2016
TIME: 7:00 pm
LOCATION: The Wild Project
Kicking Down Doors: Veterans & Their Families in America March 25, 2016

Veterans Jenny Pacanowski and Everett Cox curate an evening of poetry, theater and music written by and featuring veterans and their families. 

Performances from: Everett Cox, Jenny Pacanowski, Katelyn Sheehan, Nancy Elkin Nygard, Camillo Mac Bica, John D. ManleyPeter Molin and John M. Meyer

The event will also include a performance of work by Philip Milio and a reading of an excerpt from Barbara Allen‘s Front Toward Enemy.

About The Curators:

Jenny Pacanowski is a poet/combat veteran/public speaker/writing workshop facilitator. She travels around the country facilitating writing workshops for veterans. Jenny’s aim is to provide a space for acceptance of self, creative expression and storytelling through her project, Writing for you-Camaraderie, Creativity and Community. During her speaking engagements her goal is to intertwine an understanding of the power of narrative writing and spoken word. By combining poetry and presentation, her stories come alive!!! Jenny strongly encourages a continued camaraderie between veterans as well as advocating for community involvement with veterans. Jenny has spoken at Syracuse University, Ithaca College, CUNY and other venues including Veteran centers and VA hospitals. Jenny’s own performances include Poetic Theater Productions NYC and The Lucid Body Veteran’s Project: Leaving Theater. As a veteran herself, Jenny’s goal is to provide solutions for an easier transition for current veterans then she experienced coming home.

Everett Cox served in the U. S. Army from 1966-1969. He served in Vietnam in 1969 with the 245th Surveillance Airplane Company at Marble Mt. Airbase and was an aerial camera specialist. Mr. Cox has worked most of his life as a laborer. He lived and worked for 7 years at New Experimental College in Denmark and did 7 years of volunteer work with the Association of World Education, an NGO at the United Nations in New York trying to implement a global minimum wage. He is the father of a magnificent 23 year old son.

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