DATE: February 17, 2016
TIME: 8:00 pm
LOCATION: Wild Project, New York, NY
Love, Redefined February 17, 2016

Poetic Theater Productions’ 6th annual celebration of non-commercial, non-traditional love featuring poetic and theatrical remixes, re-imaginings and riffs by more than ten incredible poets and playwrights responding to traditional sonnets and love poems.
Inspiration poems and newly developed pieces are presented side-by-side.

Directed by Dontonio Demarco and Rebeca Rad,
Assistant Direction by Danielle Puretz and Katherine George.
Performance Stage Manager Darielle Shandler
Lighting by David Palmer
Live Hip Hop Violin by Trevor New


Featuring new work by Ali Andre Ali, Anna Gothard, Catherine Weingarten, Everett Cox, fajjr+ali, Jacqueline Jones LaMon, Johnny Meyer, Jenny Pacanowski, Kate Foster, Keelay Gipson, Maurice Decaul, Nkosi Nkululeko, Nicole Goodwin, Reggie Flood, Tanaya Winder, and Teniece Divya Johnson.

Inspiration pieces by Sylvia Plath, Phillip Larkin, Eavan Boland, Marge Piercy, Adrienne Rich, Euripides, Khalil Gibran, Zeami Motokiyo, Robert Hayden, nayyirah waheed and more.

Pieces will be performed by Stefa Marin Alarcon, Colista Turner, Dontonio Demarco, Nabil Viñas, Nkosi Nkululeko, Johnny Meyer, Everett Cox, Jill Wurzburg, Temesgen Tocruray, Olivia Nice, Keelay Gipson, Nicole Goodwin, Matthew Bovee, Amanda Prado, Dria Brown, Turkan Baltali, Jennifer Tchiapke, Toni Ann Denoble, Amber Jaunai, Anthony Lee Medina, Ali Andre Ali, Fajjr Khan, Anna Gothard, Kate Foster, and Cristina Pitter.

Poetic Theater Productions Copyright 2017.