DATE: September 26, 2017
LOCATION: The Wild Project
Outside Paducah: The Wars at Home September 26, 2017

September 26-October 15th, 2017

written and performed by J. A. Moad II

directed by Leah Cooper

projection design by Lisa Renkel

sound design by Sean Hagerty

lighting design by Daisy Long

costume design by Helen Dillon and Shari Setchell

stage management by Ellen Mischinski

In Outside Paducah: the Wars at Home, we watch the toll of war reverberate across three generations of Americans:  A seven year-old boy struggles to make sense of the screaming in the night after his father returns from Afghanistan. A fifty year-old man works to rebuild his life as he wrestles with the memory of an idealistic son—a teenager turned Marine who came back from Iraq wounded, disillusioned, and broken. And at a bar in the rust-belt remnant of his hometown, a former soldier’s midnight encounter brings the past and the present into an explosive, searing reality.   

About J.A. Moad II
J. A. Moad II is a  former Air Force C-130 pilot with over 3000 flight hours and more than 100 combat sorties. He served as an English Professor at the United States Air Force Academy and continues to serve as an editor and blogger for their international journal, War, Literature & the Arts (WLA). His short stories, poetry and essays have appeared in a variety of journals and anthologies, and is the recipient of the 2014 Consequence Magazine Fiction Award. In addition to writing, he has performed on stage at the Library of Congress and at The Guthrie Theater as part of The Telling Project – Giving Voice to the Veteran Experience. His play, Outside Paducahthe Wars at Home debuted in Minneapolis, at the Bloomington Center for the Arts in 2016. He is the driving force behind the Veterans’ Voices Initiative in Minnesota to teach the stories of Veterans and their families in schools, colleges and community discussion groups. He currently resides in Northfield, MN where he flies, writes, reads, and spend as much time with his family and friends as possible.


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As part of the run of Outside Paducah: The Wars At Home,
Consequence MagazineWarrior WritersWar Literature & The Arts, & Poetic Theater Productions Proudly Present

Art Gallery, Special Readings, Live Music & Theater Performances

Veteran artists will be presenting special readings of poetry and other work before each performance..

Veteran Voices 2017 Series Schedule – Click each artist’s name for their full bio

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27th 7PM: Teresa Fazio reading “Float,” the story of a young Marine’s attempt to balance the pressures of military culture, peers, and her own desires.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28th 7PM: monologue presented by Brendan Walsh

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th 5:30PM: Special Kick-Off Event: A special reception and extended kick-off program Friday, September 29th with the art gallery opening reception at 5:30PM and presentations in the theater starting at 6:30PM. Presentations starting at 6:30PM will include Pushcart Nominee and Managing Editor for O’Dark Thirty the journal of the Veteran Writing Project Jerri Bell reading “Her Husband’s Stars,” a flash fiction inspired by her Navy experiences, Poet and Veteran Artist Curator Jenny Pacanowski reading her original poem “Combat Dick”, author of The Guerrilla Factory Tony Schwalm reading “Combat Anthropology” a short treatise on the process of trying to understand the people of another culture while trying to kill them, and editor at Wrath Bearing Tree presenting Drew Pham presenting “After Action”, a story about the search for meaning after killing a man. The evening will be hosted by senior associate editor of Consequence Magazine Catherine Parnell.

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 30th 2PM & 8PM: Hayley Johnson reads her short story

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1st 3PM: Stephan Wolfert -A post-show discussion with J.A. Moad II, Robert Stuart, and Stephan Wolfert about the role of theater in helping veterans find their voice.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 2nd 7PM: Donna Zephrine shares her original poetry.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 4th 7PM: original poetry written and presented by Jan Barry and Sarah N. Mess

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5th 7PM:  Sokunthary Svay presents the sequence poem “Re-Education Building” about a Cambodian soldier who survived the Khmer Rouge regime.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6th 8PM: Col. (USAF, Ret.) James P Stanton

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7th 2PM Matinee: Jen Hinst-White reading “Fifteen Eggs” weaving together a first-person account of a Hiroshima survivor, the history of nuclear weapons, and meditations on nuclear danger as seen through the eyes of children-and parents.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7th 8PM: Trampled Rose Productions & Robert Lambert present his short one-man play Te amo mas que mi vida. 

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 8th 3PM Matinee: Everett Cox -A post-show discussion with J.A. Moad II, Everett Cox, and Sarah N. Mess, about Vietnam Veteran Voices, moderated by Lynn Houston of The LIve Oak Review.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 9th 7PM: Donte Wright Da Storyteller reading his poems “Combative Illusions”, “Where Are You” and “Uncle”. 

WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11th and 12th 7PM: Natalie Lovejoy presenting an excerpt from her musical Deployed. 

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13th: 6:30PM Closing Weekend Celebration Special Event featuring: a reading by Jesse Goolsby,  an excerpt from Deployed by Natalie Lovejoypoetry reading by Nicole Goodwinan original short play by John M. Meyer, and an excerpt from Maurice Decaul‘s new play Hurt Me featuring Sandra W. Lee and Nabil Viñas.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14TH: Matthew Thomas Burda shares his original monologues.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15th 3PM: Hayley JohnsonAdrienne BrammerSandra W. Lee, Jenny Pacanowski -A post-show panel with the featured veteran artists and Pam Campos-Palma about Female Veteran Voices.

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