Jan Barry

Jan Barry is an award-winning journalist and poet whose books include A Citizen’s Guide to Grassroots Campaigns, Life after War & Other Poems and (co-editor) Winning Hearts & Minds: War Poems by Vietnam Veterans, among other works. A U.S. Army veteran of Vietnam, his poetry presentations have ranged from the New York Public Theatre to high school and elementary school classes. A participant and poetry reading coordinator at the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival at the NJ Performing Arts Center and the New York City Poetry Festival, he coordinates Warrior Writers workshops for veterans and family members in the New Jersey-New York area.

With Poetic Theater Productions:

Featured Veteran Artist reading his original poetry before the October 4th, 2017 performance of Outside Paducah: The Wars At Home as part of the Veteran Voices 2017 Series.

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