Tony Schwalm

Tony Schwalm is a retired lieutenant colonel with the U.S. Army Special Forces (a.k.a. the Green Berets). A veteran of multiple combat deployments, he returned to the Special Operations community in 2012 as a Department of the Army civilian assigned to the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force – Afghanistan, where he led a group of social scientists supporting special operation forces in that war-torn country. Since his return in 2013, he has continued to write and work in various positions supporting agencies in the Department of Defense to include DARPA. He makes his home in Tampa, Florida, with his wife Stephanie and daughter, Sydney.

Upcoming with Poetic Theater Productions:

Reading “Combat Anthropology,” a treatise on the process of trying to understand the people of another culture while trying to kill them, as part of the Veteran Voices 2017 Kick-Off Event on Friday, September 29th before the performance of Outside Paducah: The Wars At Home.


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