DATE: April 1, 2016
TIME: 7:00 pm
LOCATION: The Wild Project
Relate-ta-tive Landscapes: Black Womyn Magick April 1, 2016

Presented by Soul Requirements


community collaborators vocalist Stef Walker, dancer Mshairi A Uwezo Siyanda and community poet Fun

and selections from “From Ashes To Angel’s Dust: A Journey Through Womanhood”

written by Zoë Flowers

co-written and co-produced by Sherri Pullum

directed by Ebony Noelle Golden

featuring Chantal Maurice, Sherri Pullum, Vesta Walker and Zoë Flowers

stage management by Camila Camilo

Relate-ta-tive Landscapes: Black Womyn Magick is a performance art showcase of inspiration and liberation. Looking at the landscape of racism, sexism, sexuality, media, gender and women of color, Relate-ta-tive Landscapes asks the questions: How are we relating or not to self, others, community and the environment within this landscape? How do we love ourselves? How do we love each other? 

Our showcase features music by Steph Walker, An opening dance ritual by Mshairi A Uwezo Siyanda a monologue reading by Zoë Flowers and will culminate with excerpts of ‘From Ashes to Angel’s Dust: A Journey Through Womanhood.’
“Ashes” is a ChoreoDrama that uses monologues; poetry and vignettes to breathe life into the original stories shared in Zoë’s book Dirty Laundry: Women of Color Speak up about Dating & Domestic Violence and includes new stories about racism, same sex violence, body image and the journey to self-love. Dirty Laundry: Women of Color Speak up about Dating & Domestic Violence emerged from interviews Zoë conducted with survivors of domestic and sexual violence.
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