Vesta Walker

Vesta_WalkerVesta Walker hails from a family of artists and performers. Inspired by her family’s artistry, Vesta developed into a skilled actress, singer and choreographer. Her strong love for being a vehicle for other people’s stories resonates in her portrayal of characters. Vesta is also a reiki practitioner and licensed mastered social worker. She feels strongly about aiding her community in the healing process through creative expression & storytelling. Vesta continues to evolve as a creative being and is exceedingly grateful to all those who have contributed to her journey.

Feel free to follow her process on instagram/twitter: @envisionvesta


With Poetic Theater Productions:
Actress in From Ashes to Angel’s Dust in Poetic License 2012

Actress in From Ashes to Angel’s Dust in Relate-ta-tive Landscapes: Black Womyn Magick in Poetic License 2016

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