IMG_20160219_143118“I go by the name of Fun in which everyone would agree fits perfectly for me. I love to smile and bring positive energy to almost any and everyone around me. I am an NYC poet/spoken word artist attending events all over the NYC area. Back in November 2014 I created my own monthly Open Mic called Sunday FunDay. I knew it was time to create something I would love to be apart of. Sunday FunDay has grown very organically and is now one of New York City’s best events to showcase incredible raw underground talent (iloveyoufunday). I’m honored to have created an atmosphere where people instantly feel the love and acceptance to be themselves. My goal is to awaken the slumber especially the younger generations by inspiring them to love themselves and be the change they wish to see in the world. I’m also a natural model putting out a positive image of self love and self courage for ALL women. If I’ve learned anything on my journey I know that ‘I Can because I Am'” – Fun
With Poetic Theater Productions:
Relate-ta-tive Landscapes: Black Womyn Magick in Poetic License 2016
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