DATE: November 1, 2017
TIME: 7:15 pm
LOCATION: 55 Washington Sq S, New York, New York 10012

Poetic Theater Productions was the featured arts organization in Judson Arts Wednesdays’ BAILOUT THEATER program on Wednesday November 1st, 2017.

Hosted by Dontonio Demarco

Poetic Theater Productions Featured Artist Line-Up:

The Great Recession: An Elementary Explanation” – music By Sean Havrilla & lyrics by David Davila, performed by David Davila with accompanist Paul Knopf on piano.

A reading of Danny Rocco’s short play Refractions featuring Colista Turner and Maya Carter

Nicole Goodwin reading poetry from her new book Warcries

Trampled Rose Productions’ te amo Mas que mi vida written by & featuring Robert Lambert

A reading of Catherine Weingarten‘s short play You and Me on a Mountain with Jevon Nicholson and Mario C. Brown

Judson Arts’ longest-running populist art and food program provides a full, free potluck-style meal cooked by our volunteer corps and served at 7:15 pm, followed by a free performance on the Meeting Room dance floor or in The Loft.

On the first Wednesday of each month, join us for free homecooked dinners, good vibes, better people, and entertainments. This month, Poetic Theater Productions artists will be sharing new and developing work inspired by the concept of a “bailout.”

7:00 PM – Doors open at 55 Washington, Square South at the Corner of Thompson Street – Greenwich Village, Manhattan.

7:15 PM – Free dinner: Potluck donations welcomed (but not required).

8:00 PM – Free entertainment:

No cost, no catch, no proselytizing, no processed food,

Poetic Theater Productions Copyright 2017.