DATE: April 4, 2016
TIME: 6:30 pm
LOCATION: The Wild Project
Bedlam’s Veteran Outreach “Open House” – A Sneak Peek Into Bedlam Outreach’s Monday Night Classes for Military Veterans: Macbeth April 4, 2016

The Veterans/Actors of Bedlam’s Veteran Outreach Class, Bedlam’s Director of Veteran Outreach, Stephan Wolfert.

An informal opportunity to meet the Veterans/Actors of the Outreach class and to share in their work with Stephan which includes work on monologues, scenes and offerings from their own personal writings.

Featuring Selections from Macbeth, from a Veteran’s perspective

At Bedlam, we believe in the power of the performing arts to aid in the post-traumatic recovery process and the reintegration of veterans back into civilian life.

Bedlam’s Veteran Outreach “Open Houses” are an opportunity for Veterans and civilians to exchange in an open dialogue toward bringing a deeper understanding between these two communities.

The most successful Veteran reintegration programs include camaraderie, communalization of trauma, and veteran/civilian integration. Our Monday nights provide the opportunity for camaraderie-building as well as the communalization of trauma, but you provide the opportunity for veteran/civilian integration, just by showing up.

To learn more about Bedlam and our Veteran Outreach please visit:

The outreach program is led by Stephan Wolfert, Actor/Writer/Director, MFA, (US Army, ’86-’93, Medic & Infantry Officer). Stephan left a career in the military for a life in the theatre after seeing Shakespeare’s Richard III.

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