DATE: August 17, 2014
VENUE: the cell
Back: A Tragedy Party August 17, 2014

“a wonderful and important work” -Bina Sharif, Arts International

“The whole ensemble is really good… outstanding performances are given by, Olivia Nice, Adam Wennick, Bello Pizzimenti and Mateo d’ Amato” -Bina Sharif, Arts International

“The whole evening was thoroughly enjoyable” -Bina Sharif, Arts International

“BACK is sure to rejuvenate one’s mind and spirit with its artistry. From the free drink for every purchased ticket to the always-on cast, there’s always a festive atmosphere during the the show, mingling with intellectual material.” -David Clarke, Out Magazine

BACK photo-spread featured in The Advocate!

At a Greenwich Village gay club on Halloween 1989, the village partygoers take on the personas of past friends and lovers, many of whom lost their lives to AIDS. In her final days of life, Cookie Mueller makes a final journey to Varick Street to find her friends, or possibly to stop time, or perhaps to explore her history, or maybe just to dream. Everyone is invited to the tragedy party as Mickey Bolmer’s rich poetic language takes us Back into a world of love, loss, creation, and possibility.

Written by Mickey Bolmer
Directed by Andrew Willis-Woodward
Production Design and Movement Direction by Rachel Klein

featuring Xandra Clark, Mateo d’Amato, Tamara Geisler, Matthew Dalton Lynch, Felix J. Mayes, Olivia Nice, Bello Pizzimenti and Adam Wennick
Scenic Properties Design by Elizabeth Engstrom
Costume Design by Arielle Avenia
Lighting Design by Derek Miller
Sound Design by Isaiah Singer
Video Design by Brad Peterson
Associate Video Design by David J. Palmer
Dramaturgy by Fiona Kyle
Audio Engineering by Sean Hagerty
Stage Management by Miriam Salzman and Sarah Livant
Production Management by Siena Zoë Allen


Photos by Hunter Canning Photography (

Poetic Theater Productions Copyright 2017.