Taro Vestol Cooper

Taro Vestøl Cooper is an actor and a spoken word artist. He graduated from Nordic Black Xpress Acting School in 2011. He’s twice former Norwegian Champion in slam poetry, once Scandinavian champion and is the driving force behind the greatest poetry scene in Norway. He has a lot of the credit for the Norwegian slam poetry community has grown sharply in recent years.
Taro Vestøl Cooper has been the Norwegian champion in slam poetry twice, 2010 and 2013, as well as the Scandinavian champion in 2011. Trained as an actor at Nordic Black Xpress in Oslo, worked for Nordic Black Theatre since 2007, and collaborated with, among other things, The Norwegian Opera, Oslo Fill Harmony and Bugge Wesseltoft. He started the slam poetry scene in Oslo, theater group Slam Dunk Poets and tours Norwegian schools, libraries, youth clubs holding workshops in poetry writing as a member of Kamppoetene (The Warriorpoets).

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