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Poetic Theater Productions is an NYC theater company working with poets and playwrights to create visceral, poetic theater.

Nabil Viñas

Thursday Shows Cancelled, Weekend Shows are On!

Due to weather concerns for Thursday, we have decided to postpone both Generation Now and Breaking Our Silence. We are working on rescheduling both events for a to-be-announced date in April. 

Friday through Sunday shows are happening as planned! Please join us Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the final four shows in Poetic License! 

Friday Feb 14 at 8PM, $15 
Love, Redefined 
Poetic Theater Productions’ fourth annual celebration of non-commercial, non-traditional love featuring dozens of artists responding to Shakespearean love scenes and traditional love poems with musical, poetic and theatrical remixes, re-imaginings and riffs. Featuring brand new scenes written by Aziza D. Barnes, Maria Alexandria Beech, Gina Femia, Kelley Nicole Girod, Chisa Hutchinson, Caroline Rothstein and Sita Sarkar, and the NYC premiere of "The Relationship Resume," a persona poem short film by Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai.

Directed by Dennis A. Allen II, Julia Goldstein, Alex Mallory and Taylor Reynolds. 


Saturday Feb 15 at 8PM, $15
Goliath by Takeo Rivera
Returning home from a war without purpose, David searches for his remaining humanity while his family and friends try to reconcile this war-torn veteran with their beloved son, brother, husband and friend. Poetic Theater Productions’ award-winning production, Goliath returns to NYC for one night only on the heels of its California tour to Stanford University, UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz. 


Saturday Feb 8 and 15 at 10PM, $15
Love and War by Keomi Tarver 
Experimenting with the connection between artists, Keomi uses dance and poetry to welcome the vulnerability that love and war brings to the surface to show to opposing extremes can occupy the same space all in one show. This work is meant to ask all the hard questions we keep tucked away due to fear, leaving us exposed and eventually free.

Featuring Keomi Tarver, Jayson Smith, Efeya Sampson, Kristen Smith, Autumn Oftedal, Sharifa Linton, Samantha Garvin, Candace Tabbs, Keith Alexander, Natasha Corbie, Petra Claiborne, Nicolette Fox, Anthony McPherson, Jeanann Verlee, Tiffany Neal, & Kat Magill


Sunday Feb 16 at 6PM, $15
YO MISS! Teaching Inside the Cultural Divide by Judith Sloan
Fusing the art of theatre and music YO MISS! Teaching Inside the Cultural Divide is an eye- and ear-witness account of one artist navigating and remixing a maze of miscommunications and memories, while breaking down assumptions that divide residents of a city who live in close proximity but come from conflicting worlds. Performed with a live band including Miwi LaLupa, Deep Singh, Adam Hill, Lynn Ligammari, and Chesney Snow. Directed by Bob Berky. YO MISS! is a project of EarSay, developed with Viper Records and Morgan Jenness. 


Goliath Tour kicks off on Veterans Day!

Goliath will have its first tour performance in honor of Veterans Day on November 11th at the recently renovated Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center in Orange County, NY. 

Friend and Vietnam veteran Everett Cox wrote a beautiful letter published in the Warwick Advertiser urging the community to see the show in honor of our country's veterans. The original article can be found here

'Honor the Sacrifice'  published in The Warwick Advertiser Letters to the Editor on Nov 6, 2012

The play “Goliath” will be performed Veterans Day, Sunday, Nov. 11, at 7:30 p.m. at the Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center. 

Honor a vet by seeing it. 

Honor a vet by bringing a vet with you. 

It is not for children but older teens, especially those considering enlistment, would learn much.

It may be silence and invisibility more than PTSD killing our vets.

Silent vets. 

Silent families. 

Silent communities. 

Silent nation. 

Eighteen suicides a day. One every 80 minutes; 65,000 suicides a year.

There is always a war after the war, after every war. 

Goliath is based on the true story of a young American soldier in Iraq but much of it also tells every soldier’s story. Every day there are vets going to their graves with their stories never told or heard. Please don’t let silence dig their graves. There are an estimated 28,000 vets in Orange County. Most are silent. Most are invisible. 

We, as a nation, are constantly at war, but we don’t talk about it much. The personal silence of vets is compounded by the silence of communities and of the nation. Not talking about the consequences of war in our lives – and it affects most of us – perpetuates the culture of war.

The sign on the door at Walter Reed Army Hospital reads: “I gave my face for my country. What did you do?” 

What does it mean to serve your nation, to defend your country, to go to war? 

It begins with the word service. Choosing to serve your country in the military is a very complex decision, one that often affects us the rest of our lives. Goliath explores the war before the war, the war and then the war after the war with great insight and respect. 

If you have a vet in your family, if you love a vet, if you honor vets go see Goliath. Take a vet with you. The performance will be followed by a discussion.

Speaking and writing about the unspeakable begins to transform the unspeakable, take away its power to silence. 

Please see the play. Please talk about it. 

Silence and invisibility after war is often self-destructive. There are 30,000 military coming home from Afghanistan between now and Christmas. 

How are you going to greet them? 

With a cliché? “Thanks for your service”

Honor the sacrifice. Ask about the positives. Engagement is key. Reach out. Keep reaching out. Bring a vet home for a meal. Ask your religious leaders to not only take the time to publicly acknowledge veterans but to set some time aside to meet and greet.

Maybe our towns and villages could issue special wrist bands or buttons for vets. Wearing one would be an invitation to talk. Many vets do not want to self-identify but with some encouragement might. 

Some veterans can’t speak for themselves and some speak so quietly we may not hear them. Please, dear civilians, do not be deaf or blind to them. May the eyes and ears of our hearts be open to vets.

Everett Cox



For November 11th show details, visit

Vote for GOLIATH for the New York Innovative Theatre Awards!

New York IT Awards

Our production of Goliath is registered with the New York Innovative Theatre Awards. We are eligible for several awards listed below. You can vote for us at Just click “Cast Your Vote”! 

Outstanding Production of a Play
Outstanding Short Script Takeo Rivera
Outstanding Director of Play: Alex Mallory
Outstanding Lighting Design: Brad Peterson
Outstanding Ensemble Performance
Outstanding Actor in a Lead Role: Nabil Viñas
Outstanding Actor in a Featured Role: Dontonio Demarco
Outstanding Actor in a Featured Role: Kenneth Heaton
Outstanding Actor in a Featured Role: Edgar Eguia
Outstanding Actress in a Featured Role: Monique Paige
Outstanding Actress in a Featured Role: Samantha Cooper
Outstanding Actress in a Featured Role: Natalia Duong
Outstanding Actress in a Featured Role: Iliana Inocencio

Voting will be open until June 10th. 

One more week to catch Goliath before its gone! Get your tickets now!


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Poetic Theater Productions Remounts GOLIATH, 5/23-6/3


Poetic Theater Productions remounts Goliath by Takeo Rivera, recipient of the 2011 Planet Connections Award for Outstanding Overall Production of a New Play, May 23rd-June 3rd at the Wild Project (195 E 3rd St). Goliath is once again directed by Alex Mallory (2011 Planet Connections Award for Outstanding Direction) and features return ensemble members Samantha Cooper, Dontonio Demarco, Natalia Duong, Edgar Eguia and Monique Paige (2011 Planet Connections Award for Outstanding Ensemble) and newcomers Kenneth Heaton, Iliana Inocencio and Nabil Viñas. The production features lighting design by Brad Peterson, fight choreography by Jim Cairl and stage management by Sarah Livant.

Told from seven different perspectives, Goliath tells the tale of one young soldier’s war story, from home to the front and back again. Using a poetic landscape inspired by Ntozake Shange, a Greek chorus and spoken word in the style of Russell Simmons’ Def Poetry, Goliath is a theatrical meditation on war and masculinity; a glimpse into what we do during times of war and of what it means to love when violence is part of the norm.

Goliath was previously presented as part of the 2011 Planet Connections Theatre Festivity where it received five awards including Outstanding Production of a New Play, Outstanding Direction, Outstanding Ensemble, Outstanding Playwriting, Outstanding Lead Actor and Actress, Outstanding Supporting Actor and Actress, and Outstanding Lighting Design. Goliath was named to Show Showdown’s Top Ten of 2011.

Poetic Theater Productions is a New York theater company working with poets and playwrights to create a visceral, poetic theater. Founded in 2010, the company has worked with more than 200 artists and presented work by 75 poets and playwrights. Past productions include Caroline Rothstein’s faith and Eboni Hogan’s Foreign Bodies for Culture Project’s Women Center Stage 2012 Festival and a workshop production of Edward McWilliams’ Underground for Poetic License, the company’s annual festival of new poetic theater. For more information visit

Poetic Theater Productions is partnering with Drew Cameron and the Combat Paper Project to present art created from military uniforms and other threads in the theater’s art gallery throughout the run. Poetry written by war veterans as part of Warrior Writers, a community of military veterans, service members and allies, will be presented before each performance.

Goliath runs May 23 - June 3, Wed. - Sat. 7:00pm, Sun. 3:00pm. The Wild Project is located at 195 E. 3rd Street b/w Aves A. & B. Tickets are $18, available on OvationTix at or by calling 866-811-4111. For more information visit

Tickets for U.S. Veterans and active military are $5. An additional performance of Goliath will be presented on Memorial Day also at 7PM. Veterans can receive free tickets to the Memorial Day performance by RSVPing to [email protected].



March4Word 2012

Monday, March 12th, we present our annual showcase of the year ahead!  This year marks a special milestone as we preview our entire 2012 season! 
March4Word 2012
Monday, March 12, 8PM at the Wild Project - 195 E 3rd St
Tickets are $25, VIP tickets available for $100. All ticket sales go directly toward costs for the show of your choosing! 
Featuring excerpts from:
faith by Caroline Rothstein
Foreign Bodies by Eboni Hogan
Goliath by Takeo Rivera
Underground by Edward McWilliams
black girls don't smile mosaic in front of strangers by Mahogany L. Browne
and more! 
Performers include Keith Alexander, Mahogany L. Browne, Samantha Cooper, Dontonio Demarco, Natalia Duong, Edgar Eguia, Kenneth Heaton, Eboni Hogan, Joell Jackson, Wade Ray, Caroline Rothstein, Candace Tabbs, Nabil Viñas, and more. 

Poetic License was a hit!

Thank you to the 105 artists involved and over 750 audience members for coming out!

The festival had sold-out shows, great press and fantastic interviews with festival artists (linked below)!  Be sure to check them out!

Show Reviews:

Goliath Review on Theatre Is Easy - "An inventive and important work of poetic theatre that's smartly contrived and incredibly affecting."
Goliath Review on Urban Crazes - "I highly recommend the American Veteran Affairs Department to consider producing GOLIATH within rehabilitation centers throughout the nation."
Goliath Review on - "Goliath features an excellent cast, particularly Nabil Vinas as David." 
Underground Review on - "The writers of the show have a real gift for capturing the language of the city and heightening it with poetry"

Artist Interviews from

Shadrack Boakye (The Secrets of Naci-rema)
Darian Dauchan (Death Boogie)
Zoë Flowers (From Ashes to Angel's Dust)
Joanna Hoffman (Off The Record)
Eboni Hogan (Foreign Bodies)
ShadowKat (S.W.A.P. 2011)
Caroline Rothstein (faith)
Samantha Toh (Neither)
Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai (Say You Heard My Echo)
Nabil Viñas (Goliath)