Sarah Cangussu
Sarah Cangussu is a multicultural and multi-talented musician born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brasil, she has been traveling the world and is based in Brooklyn, NY. Although she is classically trained, she has a diverse musical influence and has been dedicating herself to studying traditional Brazilian music. She was a member of the Tom Jobim Youth Orchestra and a member of the Lumen serenades group for more than 10 years as violinist and singer. Sarah worked side by side with the Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer as violinist and music educator, worked at the CCBB- Bank of Brazil Cultural Center as an art educator and has been collaborating in the composition, arrangement and performance in diverse music albums and recordings.

With Poetic Theater Productions: Feb 17th, 2018 at 7PM & Feb 18th,  2018 at 7PM: This is How We Heal in Poetic License 2018: Reclamation

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