Nicole Ventura

Nicole Ventura is an actor and kickboxer from New Jersey. She has had the pleasure of collaborating with a number of talented artists while working on projects at The Kraine, Theatre for the New City, The Brick, Under St. Marks, the Red Room, La Mama, Joe’s Pub, and, of course, The Wild Project. She has completed the undergraduate improv program at the Upright Citizens Brigade and has also dabbled in sketch writing. She is a member of Less Than Rent Theatre, Realize Your Beauty, and is a teaching assistant with Child’s Play NYC. She is a proud alumnus of Fordham College at Lincoln Center and the Bergen County Academies Performing Arts Program.

With Poetic Theater Productions:

Actress in Shatter the Sky in Poetic License 2013

Actress in “presents…” development series

Actress in The History of Pigtails in Poetic License 2015

Actress in 39 Hours in The Soviet City of Roses in Poetic License 2015

Actress in and Developing Artist with THE REFUGE PROJECT in Poetic License 2016

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