Alyssa “Lady Logic” Saunders

Lady Logic

Alyssa “Lady Logic” Saunders is a 19 year old poet emcee from Brooklyn. With Hip hop and blues as her native tongue, she knows no other language better than music. She has perform at American Airlines theater on Broadway, The Apollo, SVA theater, Poetic Theater, Nuyorican Poets CafĂ© and many more! Her art, music, and black girl magic have always been her north star so she will be starting a movement called Black Venus using all three. Black Venus is a movement for supporting homeless mothers in shelters by selling quality clothing with various black girl magic logos that can be seen on our Black Venus facebook page. “I was born with an umbilical cord as my mic and I will die with a mic in my hand. I live for this, I live for us.”

With Poetic Theater Productions:

Poet in Generation Now in Poetic License 2015

Actress in Conscious Language 2015

Vocalist in Love Redefined 2015

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