Paradox of the Urban Cliché

Photography by Björn Bolinder

“With a fine cast of four, including W. Tré Davis in multiple roles, and a talented design team… the new play simmers with anger about injustices both recent and historical.” The New York Times

“The pain-filled verses flowed with an easy grace” The New York Times

“‘At least you got a chance to make the ugly beautiful’, [Ceez] says, and that’s what Mr. Grant is doing, too.” The New York Times

“It is a play you won’t soon shake off.” – StageBuddy

“it is the language that is the true pleasure here. Dense and immensely layered, Grant’s script shifts mellifluously between flat-out dialogue, and heightened spoken word.” – StageBuddy

“Reginald L. Douglas does incredible work, crafting a finely tuned world, and drawing great depths of emotion and finesse from his actors.” – StageBuddy

“[Craig muMs Grant’s] words are ingeniously singular and personal” – New York Theater Review

“Paradox acquires potent power, with thoughtfully drawn characters and some head- spinning turns into philosophy. Grant alludes to great themes ‘power, race, justice’ without grandstanding, and he keeps the focus on the inner self in the inner city.” – The Village Voice

“[Craig muMs Grant] devises fluid dialogue mixed with rhythm-driven soliloquies, and he’s clearly a writer to watch.” – The Village Voice

The world premiere of:

Paradox of the Urban Cliché

A hustler desperate to get off the block, Ceez comes face to face with both his dreams and his fears one fateful night, giving him the power to change his life forever. Full of passionate love, hip-hop rhythms, and indicative of recent events, PARADOX OF THE URBAN CLICHÉ examines the strength it takes to withstand the Agents of Authority that trap us in the hood of our mind.

Written by Craig ‘muMs’ Grant
Directed by Reginald L. Douglas
Featuring Morgan James Nichols*, W. Tré Davis*, Eboni Flowers* and Jaime Lincoln Smith*

Stage Managed by Sarah Devon Ford*
Lighting Design by Derek Miller
Video Design by David Palmer
Technical Direction by Ori Bensimhon
Costumes Design by Liene Dobraja
Sound Design by Julian Evans
Properties Design by Travis Bell
Set Design by Paul DePoo III
Dramaturgy by Lauren Whitehead

Paradox of the Urban Cliché was originally developed by the LAByrinth Theater Company.

Poetic Theater Productions Copyright 2017.