DATE: March 26, 2016
TIME: 7:00 pm
LOCATION: The Wild Project
Taproot: Poetic Short Plays March 26, 2016

As part of Poetic License 2016: A Kind of Now, Poetic Theater Productions presents Taproot, world premiers and re-imaginations of short poetic plays that explore growth and humanity in the context of social justice.

Taproot: Poetic Short Plays performances take place:

Sat March 26, 2016 7PMSat April 2, 2016 7PMSat April 9, 2016 7PM

The Ten Poetic Short Plays Include:

Jezelle the Gazelle
A one-woman piece about a little girl who is running a race on her block, her politics, how she sees the world from the point of view of being a girl/woman, and what it means for her role in justice.
written by Dominique Morisseau
directed by Alex Mallory
featuring Dominique Fishback

Half Share
A love poem about two people who reach across race, class and social chaos to carve a life together in a country that grudgingly admits their existence.
written by Reginald Flood
directed by Dontonio Demarco
featuring Olivia Nice and Temesgen Tocruray

Holly is new to the area, but she needs the men in front of Maxine’s to lower the volume in the middle of the night.
written by Craig muMs Grant
directed by Dennis Allen II
assistant direction by Celestine Rae
featuring Belle Caplis, Dontonio Demarco, Jevon Nicholson and Temesgen Tocruray

Killer Bees
A cop is haunted by his past.
written by Allison Zajac-Batell
directed by Alex Mallory
featuring Alex Witherow

Exploring time through life on earth and after, the character 9 reaches his time of existence, and is given the opportunity to amend a moment to transcend unto his higher calling.
written by André J. Smith
directed by Dennis Allen II
assistant direction by Celestine Rae
featuring Sean C., Edgar Eguia, Yadira De La Riva and Analisa Velez

Paola and Andrea at the Altar of Words
The exchanging of vows between two highly verbal women as their loved ones look on.
written by José Rivera
directed by Patrice Miller
featuring Tamara Geisler and Analisa Velez

Felix offers Charlotte shelter for the night.
written by José Rivera
directed by Kat Yen
featuring Ronnetta Renay and Nabil Viñas

Sermon for the Senses
A sermon from Jesus who tells us that while he has no idea what will happen there are some pretty terrific things in this world.
written By José Rivera
directed by Rebecca Martinez
featuring Txai Frota

A man and a woman explore their first times.
written by José Rivera
directed by Kat Yen
featuring Tamara Geisler and Nabil Viñas

What Happened Before
After a long stay of absence, two lovers reconnect at gate C22.
written by Gina Femia
directed by Dontonio Demarco
featuring Jevon Nicholson and Ronnetta Renay

Taproot: Poetic Short Plays design team includes:
lighting and video design by David J. Palmer
assistant lighting design by Destiny Cordero
sound design by J. Alexander Diaz and Isaiah Singer
technical direction by Ori Bensimhon
stage management by Darielle Shandler

Taproot: Poetic Short Plays is produced by Tamara Geisler, Adam Wennick, Danielle Puretz and Jeremy Karafin.

“Killer Bees” by Alison Zajac-Batell was developed in collaboration with Firehouse Creative Productions as part of the Emotional Competency in Policing Pilot Project. “What Happened Before” by Gina Femia and Reginald Flood’s “Half Share” were originally developed for Poetic Theater Productions’ Love Redefined. “9” by André J. Smith was developed in Poetic Theater Productions’ Conscious Language.

Poetic Theater Productions Copyright 2017.