DATE: March 31, 2016
TIME: 9:00 pm
LOCATION: The Wild Project
Nu Voices March 31, 2016

Nu Voices is a vocal concept created by Kid Lucky. It is the first human beatbox dominated orchestra in the world. The entire performance is entirely improvised. Conceived in 2002, Nu Voices took off in 2006 debuting at Nuyorican Poets Café and has played throughout NYC, France, Germany and Prague.

Kid Lucky was inspired by the conducting method of conductor Butch Morris. Kid Lucky is a hip hop vocalist who specializes in beatboxing, floetry and scatting. Since 1996, he has been considered one of the most cutting edge hip hop vocalists in the world. He moved to Prague for two years and there he developed a vocal style he calls BEATRHYMING – beatboxing and rhyme flow at the same time. Kid Lucky’s musical style blends hip hop, floetry, jazz and folk music.

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