DATE: May 9, 2013
LOCATION: LaGuardia Community College, Queens, NY
Goliath at LaGuardia Community College May 9, 2013

On May 9, 2013, we presented Goliath at the closing ceremony of the Week To Honor Veterans at LaGuardia Community College. Our sincere thanks to Vicki Bello, Emily Cohen, Keisha, David and everyone with the LaGuardia Veteran Services Office for the incredible opportunity. We were so grateful to have the opportunity to open the conversation with these wonderful veterans and very moved by the post-show conversation.

Written by Takeo Rivera
Directed by Alex Mallory

Featuring Dontonio Demarco, Natalia Duong, Edgar Eguia, Kenneth Heaton, Peggy F Johnson, Alex Mallory & Nabil Viñas
Stage managed by Sarah Livant



Photos by Dino Garcia

Poetic Theater Productions Copyright 2017.