Daniel Roberts

Daniel Roberts has directed multiple pieces by Mickey Bolmer with Poetic Theater Productions. Recent directing credits include: The Tempest (Ophelia Theater Group), Drowning Ophelia (EagerRisk Theater and Ensemble Atria at the 2016 Philadelphia Fringe Festival). Daniel was assistant director to Red Bull Theater’s election year production of Coriolanus (Barrow Street) this past fall. Future projects include his adaptation of Coleridge’s epic The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Daniel is a board member of Ophelia Theater Group and a past Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab member.

Upcoming with Poetic Theater Productions:

Director of Village Orpheus Tuesday July 11th & Friday July 14th


With Poetic Theater Productions:

Director and Actor in Love, Redefined: RESIST in Poetic License 2017

Director in Love Redefined, 2012

Director in Uncharted Series in Poetic License 2013

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