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Poetic Theater Productions seeks to define the modern genre of “poetic theater” by connecting and fostering a community of artists who are passionately creating relevant and accessible work and reinvigorating a conscious theater of language. Poetic Theater Productions offers resources and opportunities for poets, playwrights, and theater artists to create new work and see it through to production via educational workshops, developmental readings and performance. PTP seeks out and creates opportunities to connect with communities affected by the issues of topic within our productions through collaborative projects and exchanges of art and ideas.


Based in NYC’s historic East Village, Poetic Theater Productions has produced ten mainstage productions and seven festivals featuring over 160 unique events since its inception in 2010. We have worked with more than 650 artists, including 271 poets and playwrights, with a commitment to creating growth and production opportunities to our ever-growing community of artists. Click here for our production history.


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